” I am a 53 year old bloke. It was all getting too much; stresses from all sides, personal, marriage, financial, business, relationships. I knew managing it alone wasn’t going to work, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was in a spin when normally clear and in control.
I needed help. I needed someone to talk to, another person to relate to, I needed to get this out into the open. I Googled, I saw stress/anxiety, I called the number, Dawn answered and I cried like a baby, to my surprise. She called me back, I answered, again cried like a baby, third time same. I called her back, already feeling in a better place, Dawn took me out of the hole and lead me back, each week, to where I had been, cleared up my thinking, got things back into perspective.
I am back on my path thanks to Dawn.

“I decided to pursue life coaching because of my anxiety. Throughout the sessions Dawn helped me to push myself in all areas of my life by setting targets and goals. The process was eye-opening, challenging but above all thoroughly rewarding. The actions in place each week pushed me out of my comfort zone and ultimately guided me into becoming a better version of myself. Coaching helped me to understand my anxiety, reassured me and comforted me as well as challenging my thoughts and actions. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who feels they have something they want to overcome.”

“During what has been a challenging time of my life, Dawn’s coaching enabled me to clarify what I was facing and set goals to work towards resolving the issues. The exercises she led me through enabled me to make progress much quicker than I would have done on my own and forced me to face up to realities I think I may have ignored. Dawn has helped me begin a journey to heal my relationships and I feel now I have a much clearer idea of what I need to achieve happiness and contentment and fulfilment I am seeking. Dawn led me though all of this with warmth and humour and empathy. I am grateful for her help in moving on through a difficult time for me and I would recommend Dawn highly.”


“Dawn was brilliant at helping me to shape my goal of trying to install structure in my busy routine so that I could have some time to myself. Given all the pressures of work and managing a home life with children, it was not always easy to feel entirely successful, but Dawn helped me to see that flexibility was key to not increasing my stress levels when I felt things were not going my way. She helped me become aware of triggers for stress and taught me several very effective techniques. I use them all the time now!”

“Dawn is very professional and is so easy to talk to. She has given me really effective techniques to help with my anxiety and low self-esteem.”

“The Coaching provided by Dawn has been really valuable for our students-they have really benefited from these sessions, focusing on a wide range of areas including study skills, low confidence and self-belief, dealing with the pressure of exams, dealing with negative emotions such as anger issues. She clearly understands young people and how to support and guide them.”
A Linton Former Head of Year , Charters School


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