A-Level Failure=End of the Road

A-Level Failure =End of the Road

I have a friend whose child didn’t do as well in their A-level results as expected and it got me thinking as to how that disappointment affects someone. Is this their first real disappointment in life? What is its immediate impact? Does it carry through life with them? How does it affect their dreams and hopes?

I fired off a number of texts to past clients and friends who are anywhere between 4 and 10 years past their A-levels and asked them if they had experienced any disappointment with exam results.

I also asked if their results had impacted on what they then did with their life, if the results had changed the direction in which they travelled and if there had been any kind of learning from their disappointment. The replies that came back from those who had experienced this amazed me!


I got to the same destination but I was a stronger candidate because I had experienced failure.

It made me work 100% harder and I took my studies far more seriously.

I realised how much you have to fight sometimes for what you want.

I’ve learned more out of my difficult times than my easy ones.

I’m where I want to be now because I stuck with it and put in the hard work.

I needed the disappointment to push me in the right direction.

Wow! Some of us travel that straight road…..and I was one of them. I had different disappointments in life that taught me a lot about myself but not until I was older. My hat is off to those above who had to deal with it at 18 years old when they were full of hope on that August A-level results day.

We don’t always get to travel that straight road; our road could include bumps, diversions, roadworks, hairpin bends, the lot!


But do you know what? 

They learned valuable lessons from that disappointment and very probably it made them all the stronger because of it. So, no, A-level “failure” does not =end of the road. It’s just the beginning of a beautiful new one.

I don’t think it matters if you are an 18 year old just starting out, a grown-up with a mortgage and kids, or someone in their 40’s or 50’s with a dream, a hope, a desire to get from their A to B. It’s what’s inside us that matters. It’s how determined we are to get there, it’s how much we desire to succeed in whatever our endeavour may be. THAT’S what will make us travel that road from A to B.

Stuff the shape or the length of the road. We’ve got this.

“The road is there, it will always be there. You just have to decide when to take it.”

Do you agree? Did you have a disappointment in life that led you down a different road but gave you valuable life lessons? Comment below, it would be great to read them!


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