Pause. Breathe. Cry if you Must……..

Pause. Breathe. Cry if you must…..

There are days when the weight of the world is on our shoulders. 

There are days when we can’t pull ourselves out of our own minds.

There are days when all we want to do is lay under the duvet and shut out the world.

There are days when we feel so sad or so overwhelmed or so anxious that all we want to do is cry.

There are days when we can’t quite see the way forward, the way out, the way back into the light.

But find a way out we must……and we will.

One step, one baby step, left foot forward, right foot forward, body follows. For just one moment, for just one minute, for just one hour, for just one day. And then day follows day.

Our feelings come. And our feelings go. That’s the way they work. And go they will. 

The greyness gets lighter. The weight on your shoulders gets lighter. The grey cloak that envelops you, slowly slowly unfurls from your body. And your mind feels that little bit clearer and a soft glow of light creeps in again. Not a grey light but a soft-focus yellow haze.

And each day will get better. 

Because out there, waiting for you, are your friends, your loved ones. Waiting patiently for you to feel better.

They are there for you and you must know that. 

Even strangers who you don’t know but who know your pain; your sadness, your overwhelm, your anxiety are waiting patiently for you.

One day at a time. In your own time.

Pause. Breathe. Cry if you must. But keep going.


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