The Monster Under the Bed

Do you have a monster under your bed? I sure do! 

But I’ll let you in on a secret. My monster doesn’t have sharp claws, or red-rimmed eyes, or a gaping rip where his mouth should be. Oh no, my monster is more subtle than that. You see my monster isn’t under my bed…he lurks in my head; distracting me from what I’m doing, rearing his head during quiet moments. He’s most visible to me when I’m plucking up the courage to do something….like write my first ever blog, or do my first ever Facebook live. He feeds off insecurity and hesitation. He magnifies my fear about doing something that is out of my comfort zone. Will I look stupid? What if no-one is interested in what I have to say? Wow does he love that? You bet he does! 

So What Do I do?

I’ll tell you what I do! I face my fear. “What, Just like that?!” I hear you cry? No, it isn’t easy and sometimes I spend too long mulling over the pros and cons…but that’s exactly what my monster wants. REMEMBER he feeds off insecurity and hesitation. So I throw those bedclothes aside and I drag him by the scruff of the neck and pull him into the daylight. Ha! He doesn’t look so special, he doesn’t look big and scary now that I’m face to face!

Change your Perception and Face your Fear

In other words, I tackle my mindset! Instead of thinking of all that could go wrong, I concentrate on what will go right. The new friends I will make, the chance to connect with others who travel this road. And, most importantly for me, the chance to share with you tips, advice and information on dealing with Stress & Anxiety and with trying to find Balance in your hectic life. Shall we travel this road together?


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8 thoughts on “The Monster Under the Bed

  1. That really resonates with me! Today I’m going to concentrate on what could go right instead of wrong. That’ll be a lot less stressful! Great read, Dawn.

  2. Brilliant blog Dawn, certainly something I suffer a lot with, and lovely that your blog is about helping to overcome this! X

    1. Thank you Anna! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Sometimes it’s just good to know that you’re not the only one who suffers with this and hopefully the tip of trying to look at something in a different way can help. X

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