Bolster your Balance


Do You:

  • Find yourself dreaming of the day when you have balance in your life?
  • Feel as though there are a million and one things that you ‘could’, ‘should’ do and then end up feeling like a failure when you don’t achieve everything on your never-ending to-do list?
  • Feel like you have no freedom for yourself because life is too busy?

Imagine this:

A life where you create balance; where you manage your workload and your family commitments and still have time for you. A life where you have time to be free to enjoy yourself; relaxing with friends or spending quality time with your family. A life where you feel in control of what is happening and one where you feel more energised and focused at home and at work.

This can be your reality. Let me introduce you to two ways of working with me that will help you achieve this.

My Bolster your Balance package will help you transform how you deal with achieving this balance:

Being able to balance home/work life should be an Olympic event. It takes skill, and energy, and resilience, and motivation, and a deep desire to be the best! Let me coach you to become world class at striking that fine balance between having a perfectly balanced work and home life.

First we will start with becoming super clear on what is important to you and what is a priority in your life so that you can free up time to spend the way you want to spend it whether that is more time with your family or going out with friends to relax and have fun.

I know that you have people pulling on you from all different directions, so now is your time to rediscover the skills and resources that make you who you are; discover the drivers that motivate you and learn how to use them to your advantage whilst ‘tuning down’ the challenges that they may bring.

How You Think
In the highly competitive world of gymnastics, how you think can make the difference between listening to the National Anthem as you stand tall and proud on that podium or travelling home alone…early…from the games! How does the way you think impact how you see your situation? How you feel? How you respond? We will work on eliminating any thinking errors so that you become clearer in what you have to do and how to tackle it.

Juggling all the demands you have can cause overwhelm so I will show you how to change how you look at this; showing you exactly what you can and cannot influence and also hold you accountable in taking action so that you feel empowered and in control of your own life.

Self-care is needed for Olympic gymnasts as well as we mere mortals. Max Whitlock, who won Gold for us in the 2016 Olympic Games said:

“Most of my free time is spent doing very easy things, like going out for a meal, seeing my friends or family or girlfriend, or going to the cinema”.

How lovely would that be? Well, if it’s important for an Olympian to relax then it is definitely priceless for you, who, lets face it, probably work more hours at home and work than Max puts into his training! He concentrates on one thing while you are juggling family/life/work…. you more than qualify so let’s look at how taking care of yourself can have a massive impact on how you are feeling, your energy and your focus. You can fit in time for you and I will show you how.

Beginning our Olympic Journey
As we begin this transformation to become an Olympic-level Balance winner, your journey will be fully bespoke to you. The programme will be tailored to your specific needs for the unique individual that you are. As well as a session plan specifically designed for you, you will also have email check-ins with me between sessions as you will find that this is when you do most of your learning; when you take the tools, techniques and the strategies back into your real life. I will be sending you resources between sessions so that when we have our coaching session, you are ready to dig deeper and to move forward faster.
How motivated are you to win?

The contents of the package are for guidance and can and will be tailored to your needs and what you bring to our sessions.

Contents 3-session package 6-session package
Identifying your Priorities and Values
Your Dominant Drivers and how to use them
Discovering your Thinking Errors and Challenging them
Circle of Influence and taking action
Working on your Mindset √ 
Reframing and Gaining Perspective
Weekly email or text check-in
Extra resources sent between sessions
Discovering what you are tolerating and taking action  
Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Blowing them away  
Identifying your Strengths  
Managing self-care  
Overcoming Procrastination  
Twice weekly email or text check-in 

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