Ambush Anxiety


Do You:

  • Worry over things that might happen?
  • Think of the worst-case scenario?
  • Constantly overthink?
  • Worry about your work, your partner……….
  • Think too much about what others think of you? Worry that you aren’t good enough? 
  • Never fully relax, never fully enjoy the moment?
  • Feel mentally exhausted?
  • Feel blocked/drained?

How would it feel to be able to live your life more in the moment instead of constantly living in your head? To be able to feel calmer and more carefree, freeing up your head space for positive thoughts and being able to see things with more perspective? How would it feel to be more confident and to have more self-belief instead of worrying and comparing yourself to others? This can be how you feel. I can help you change the way you deal with your anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Making Change Happen

My Ambush Anxiety packages will help transform how you deal with your anxiety.

Our journey starts by discovering where in your life your anxiety comes from. Is it from an external trigger? e.g. work? Relationships? Is the anxiety internal e.g Am I good enough? Clever enough?…….
Do you want to change the way you think about things? Do you want to be more confident in your day to day life but anxiety holds you back? What’s important to you on this journey? We will nail that down so that we can start to move forward, removing obstacles that are stopping you from doing what you want and start to take action.

Techniques and Strategies
I will show you techniques and strategies to start dealing with your thoughts. We know that your thoughts have a huge impact on how you feel and on how you behave. How can we change our thoughts so that they work for us and not against us?  I will show you strategies to challenge your thoughts and these are strategies that you will use time and again, long after our sessions together have finished.

Being able to let go of what we can’t control can be a huge ask when you are caught up in the anxiety loop but, again, as we move through this journey together, that is exactly what I will be helping you to do. We will look at what you can control and what actions to take to put you back in control.

Knowing what drives and motivates us can make a big difference to understanding how we react to situations and so we look at how we can channel this to our advantage. It’s often an eyeopener!

Anxiety is something that can be understood and managed and we can learn to be more mindful of being in the moment and concentrating on what is good and what is working in our life; something we can forget to do when anxiety has ambushed our thoughts.

Throughout our working together I will also be sharing strategies to help you worry less which you can turn to when you are at home, at work or out and about doing your thing. Being able to switch off, look outwards instead of inwards gives relief to our ‘mind chatter’ which is another area we will be looking at so that we can turn it down and allow more positive thoughts to take its place!

Taking baby steps to push out of our comfort zone can also help with feelings of anxiety; we are constantly learning and growing when we step out of this zone and we will explore how you can do this when the time is right for you. You have great strengths within you and you will be rediscovering those on our journey.

The Package
This package is bespoke to you; it revolves around what you bring to each session with the aim of always moving towards your goal of managing your anxious thoughts. We walk it together and not just during our 1-hour coaching session. You also have a weekly email check-in with me, as often discovery and clarity come between sessions where you take your learning into your everyday life. I will be sending you resources before sessions so that our time together is maximised so that we can dig deeper and move forward faster. This is your time to discover tools, techniques and strategies which you can use in your life, long after our coaching together has finished. If you are ready to take the journey then not only you, but those closest to you share the benefits. Are you ready?!

The contents of the package are for guidance and can and will be tailored to your needs and what you bring to our sessions.

Content 3-session package 6-session package
Identifying and clarifying your goal
Identifying your Values
Identifying who has control
Strategies for Letting Go
Relaxation techniques
Discovering your Thinking Errors and Challenging Your Thoughts
Weekly email or text check-in
Extra resources sent between sessions √ 
Dealing with our inner critic  
Identifying your Dominant Drivers  
NLP techniques to help with your anxiety/confidence  
Stretching your comfort zone  
Self-belief and strengths  
Twice weekly email or text check-in

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