Are you suffering from a Case of the Comforts? 5 Ways to Step Out of your Comfort Zone

Are you suffering from a case of the Comforts? 5 Ways to Step out of your Comfort Zone

Are you comfortable? Too comfortable? Lay down and scratch my tummy comfortable?

Signs to look out for:
Always sit in the same chair
Drink the same drink. Go to the same bars and clubs.
Speak to the same people at work. Go to a party and speak to the same people.
Eat the same type of food at the same type of restaurants.
Feel that you should be recognised at work but not willing to become visible.
Feel free to fill in your own scenario here……

Oh yes, sounds like you have a case of the comforts! Same thing, same people, day in and day out. I know you feel damned comfortable here but are you stretching and growing? Feeling excited and challenged? OR are your symptoms boredom, dullness and stagnation? Mmmm time to move yourself into the Stretch Zone (next one along from the Comfort Zone but before you reach the Panic Zone) before you turn round, see that years have gone by and nothing has changed.

The Stretch Zone
A zone where you can be just a little brave or indeed, a big bit brave! A place of exploration and adventure, a place where you can feel life zinging along with the wind rustling your hair. It’s a place where we try things we haven’t done in a long time or have never done before. Yikes! Scary? Well, maybe a little but it’s an exciting-scary. It may not be very comfortable…at first…but it is definitely stimulating…and it’s where we learn, where we stretch ourselves physically, mentally or emotionally. It’s good to move into this zone now and again as it gets us feeling more comfortable with this feeling of discomfort. It helps our confidence grow and it will allow your stretch zone to grow so that we will find it easier to step out of our comfort zone when we want to or need to.

5 small ways to treat a case of the comforts.

  1. Next time you’re at work/at a party/socialising go and talk to someone you don’t know. Say hello and introduce yourself. Ask them how long they’ve worked here/what they do/who they work with/how they know the hosts /do they live locally…’ll be really happy that you have been brave enough to do this and you might even enjoy finding out about someone new!
  2. Smile at someone you pass in the street/in the coffee shop/the school run/on your commute to work. Try to make this a daily habit. I guarantee it will make you feel good and do you know what? You will have made someone else feel good too.
  3. Set aside a day at the weekend or when you are off work and do something completely different. Do an activity you wouldn’t normally do e.g. go for that bike ride or go try that zumba class. Or visit somewhere you wouldn’t normally go e.g. the museum you have often thought about, the other coffee shop that you never go to.
  4. Put yourself forward to do something at work. Speak out at a meeting, put yourself forward for a project, something that will make you feel uncomfortable and take you out of your comfort zone but that won’t send you screaming into the Panic Zone.
  5. Give compliments. I enjoy giving compliments. As long as they are heartfelt then they will be well received. You can make someone’s day. The opposite side of that coin is to receive a compliment with grace. Don’t dismiss it when someone says how good your hair looks/your skin is glowing/that colour really suits you. Say thank you and accept it. It makes you feel good and it also makes the person giving the compliment feel good.


Your S-T-R-E-T-C-H Challenge

What would be a good way for you to step out of your comfort zone? What step (as small or big as you feel) could you take to do just one thing to take you into your stretch zone?
Would you like to commit to doing something? Go on, comment in the box below what you are going to do and when you are going to do it by. Easy peasy.

I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk:-)
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