Welcome to Dawn Bradly Coaching!                    

I’m Dawn and I’ve been where you are and so I understand how mentally exhausting anxiety & stress can feel. 

So how good will it feel to have space in your head instead of the constant worry and overthinking that stress and anxiety bring?

How great will it be when you can let go of the thoughts that have been spinning round and round inside your head?

I help people just like you to feel calm, to feel relaxed and to let go of all the negative thoughts and the critical voices that tell you you’re not good enough, not clever enough………We all have them! It’s being able to turn them off when they cause us even more stress and anxiety that is important. 

I help people just like you to feel lighter; to lift that weight off your shoulders and to feel more in control of your worrying, stress and anxiety.

I will help to build your confidence and develop perspective on what’s causing you to feel like you do. I will help you deal with any fears and uncertainties that cause you to lose sleep and overthink, so that at last, you can be more in the present enjoying your time with family and friends rather than being stuck in your head all the time.

Let me help you: 

Call me on 07984 954304 for a chat and to see if I’m the coach you’re looking for 


email me at: dawn@dbcoaching.co.uk

It takes just one small step to begin a journey….you deserve to take that step.



I am a 53 year old bloke. It was all getting too much; stresses from all sides, personal, marriage, financial, business, relationships. I knew managing it alone wasn’t going to work, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was in a spin when normally clear and in control.
I needed help. I needed someone to talk to, another person to relate to, I needed to get this out into the open. I Googled, I saw stress/anxiety, I called the number, Dawn answered and I cried like a baby, to my surprise. She called me back, I answered, again cried like a baby, third time same. I called her back, already feeling in a better place, Dawn took me out of the hole and lead me back, each week, to where I had been, cleared up my thinking, got things back into perspective.
I am back on my path thanks to Dawn.


I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching with NLP which is fully accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists. All sessions are confidential and I am fully insured.

  • Diploma in Performance and Life Coaching with NLP
  • Fully Insured
  • Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists
  • Regular supervision
  • Regular CPD courses to continually expand my learning and skills
  • Bachelor of Education Degree
  • DBS checked



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”